Grade 8
A Closer Look
  Cities -- Old and New
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The Internet is a great place to find primary source materials on historic cities and the cities of today. Use these sites as starting points for touring different cities and towns -- old and new.

A Tale of Two Cities
Read Charles Dickens' classic novel online! This site provides the text of the novel.

Use this site to compare Dickens' portrayal of London with his portrayal of Paris. How have these cities changed from when A Tale of Two Cities was written? How have they stayed the same?

Discover the remains of the city of Harappa, located northeast of Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley. This site has fascinating photographs and movies, a slide tour of Harappa with an essay on the city, and an interactive history of the Rohri Flint Quarries, a large manufacturing site in the ancient Indus Valley. You can also take a virtual tour of Mohenjo-Daro and look at Harappa in 3-D.

The Paris Pages
The Paris Pages provides visitors with a taste of life in contemporary Paris. This rich site offers a wealth of information about the City of Lights, from an interactive map of monuments and museums to "slice of life" articles on Parisian life, all in an easily accessible menu format. A comprehensive search engine makes this site even more user-friendly. The Paris Pages is a non-profit effort organized by Norman Barth for the benefit of tourists and virtual tourists alike. It is updated regularly.

Colonial Williamsburg
Step back in time to visit this reconstructed colonial village. Meet the people, see the historic places, and learn about daily life in the colonial community. Colonial Williamsburg online includes a virtual tour of the museum, a "Historical Almanac" featuring "Colonial Dateline," a timeline covering events from 1750 to 1783, biographies of some of Williamsburg's leading citizens, teacher and student resources, a terrific "Historical Glossary," and more.


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