Grade 8
A Closer Look
  Building the Panama Canal

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Explore the building of the Panama Canal with these Internet sites.

Welcome to the Panama Canal
At this site, the Panama Canal Commission provides updated information on the Panama Canal today, including information on tolls and current press releases. You can also read a brief overview of the canal's history and find historical photographs of the canal's construction.

Panama - California Exposition: San Diego 1915 - 1916
San Diego put on this exposition to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal. You can join in the celebration by viewing images, maps, and picture postcards of the exposition at this site.

TR's Legacy: The Panama Canal
Check out page on the Panama Canal, part of a fun site on President Theodore Roosevelt from PBS' The American Experience. You can see a video and animations of Panama's locks in action and learn about Roosevelt's exciting life through photographs and descriptions.


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