Grade 8
A Closer Look
  The Colonial Farm
(Use with pp. 36-37.)

Learn more about life in the American colonies on the Internet.

Colonial Williamsburg
Step back in time to visit this reconstructed colonial village. Meet the people, see the historic places, and learn about daily life in the colonial community.

You can use the descriptions and photographs of people, places, tools, and trades as background information to write a sketch or play on colonial life.

The Early America Review
This online magazine presents articles on the people, places, and issues of early America. You can read articles on many different subjects and complete an Early America Crossword Puzzle.

Archiving Early America
Learn about life in early America through primary source newspaper and magazine articles and maps, as well as historic chronologies and biographies of famous people.

APVA: Jamestown Rediscovery
This archaeological project tried to find the remains of the 1607 Jamestown colony in Virginia. Check out the online exhibits and site plan to see how the discoveries have led to new understanding of life in colonial America.

You can use the site plan and other information at this site to create a model of the Jamestown colony. Use clay, cardboard, or construction paper to form buildings, fences, trees, and other features of the colony.


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