Analyzing the Bill of Rights

Answer Key

Write True or False on the line next to each question.

1. Congress can pass laws creating a single, official religion.   False

2. A person accused of a crime has the right to a speedy trial.    True

3. People accused of crimes can face their accusers and call witnesses to testify for them.    True

4. A person can be arrested and put on trial for the same crime twice.    False

5. The police can search any home, at any time, if there is probable cause.    False

6. Congress cannot pass laws to prevent people from meeting and protesting the government.    True

Read each description. Write the correct amendment on the line next to each sentence.

7. This amendment protects freedom of speech.    1

8. The amendment that protects people from cruel and unusual punishment is amendment number   8.

9. The right to bear arms is protected by amendment number   2.

10. The amendment that prevents soldiers from seizing your home is amendment number  3.

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