Retelling Inca History
Answer Key

Review the list of events in Inca history. These events have been pieced together by the Incas' Spanish conquerors and later historians. Place each event in the correct sequence on the timeline below. Use an encyclopedia, books about the Inca, and the Internet to help you uncover the correct order of events.

  • Inca Empire founded by Manco Capac -- 1200
  • Emperor Pachacuti takes the throne -- 1438
  • Topa Inca doubles the size of the Empire -- 1463-1493
  • Huayan Capac consolidates the government of the Inca Empire -- 1493-1527
  • Huascar and Atahualpa fight a civil war -- 1527-1532
  • Arrival of Francisco Pizzaro -- 1532

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