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Marco Polo Visits Tin-gui

Marco Polo was a Venetian trader who visited Mongol China in 1275 with his father and uncle. Marco Polo's father and uncle were merchants eager to meet new people and trade for new goods. This gave Marco Polo the chance to see many different people, places and goods. After meeting China's Mongol ruler, Kublai Khan, Marco Polo traveled throughout his realm as his ambassador. For 17 years, Marco Polo recorded his impressions of this land seen by very few Europeans. Upon his return to Europe in 1295, Marco Polo spent many years in prison. Here he told the stories of his great journeys to Rustichiello of Pisa who recorded them into the book Il milione.

Read the passage from Il milione below. Pay close attention to Marco Polo's description of Tin-gui's main product and how it was made. Then use this passage, and what you already know about Marco Polo, to complete the puzzle.

". . . Of this place [the city of Tin-gui] there is nothing further to be observed, than that of cups or bowls and dishes of porcelainware are there manufactured. The process was explained to be as follows. They collect a certain kind of earth, as it were, from a mine, and laying it in a great heap, suffer it to be exposed to the wind, the rain, and the sun, for thirty or forty years, during which time it is never disturbed. By this it becomes refined and fit for being wrought into the vessels above mentioned. Such colours as may be thought proper are then laid on, and the ware is afterwards baked in ovens or furnaces. Those persons, therefore, who cause the earth to be dug, collect it for their children and grandchildren. Great quantities of the manufacture are sold in the city, and for a Venetian groat you may purchase eight porcelain cups."

Read each clue to help you complete the puzzle.

1. Tin-gui product
4. ". . . the ware is afterwards baked in ovens or _____. ."
7. Marco Polo's traveling companion
9. Marco Polo's job with Kublai Khan

2. Marco Polo visited ___.
3. Marco Polo's home
4. The people of Tin-gui exposed the earth to wind, rain, and sun for thirty to _____ years.
5. Marco Polo passed through this country going to and leaving China.
6. Marco Polo's father was a _____ .
8. The rulers of China in 1275

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