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  Unit 8: Europe: 1600-1789

Château de Versailles
Spend a day with the Sun King at his palace at Versailles. This official site of Versailles provides detailed information on Louis XIV's daily life, his friends and associates, and the palace at Versailles. You can find descriptions, images, fun facts, and online masterpieces, too.

Discoverers' Web Homepage
The Discoverers' Web Home Page is an extensive and highly useful resource about discovery and exploration, arranged by time period. It includes a vast array of Internet resources, including articles, biographies, map archives, and online exhibits dealing with journeys of discovery from pre-history to the twentieth century, and features explorers from around the world. This is a valuable site for those on the lookout for information about explorers and world exploration.

The Age of Exploration
The Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia, provides an online exhibition of explorations from ancient times to Captain Cook's 1768 voyage to the South Pacific. You can find descriptions, images, maps, video clips, and a timeline that trace the paths and impacts of different explorations.

The Age of Enlightenment in the paintings of France's national museums.
Explore enlightenment ideas through the collection of paintings at this site. You can read background information on the Enlightenment period, find biographical information on the artists featured, and view a selection of paintings online.

The English Bill of Rights
This site contains the text of the English Bill of Rights, the 1689 document written by Parliament that limited the power of the English monarchy.

The Bill of Rights
This site offers a discussion of the background issues and concerns that prompted the creation of the Bill of Rights, as well as the text of the original document.

The Age of Revolution
This site from the National Portrait Gallery offers a selection of portraits and biographical sketches of people involved in the Revolution.

French Revolution
This overview of the French Revolution was written for the Victorian Web site by David Cody, Associate Professor at English at Hartwick College.


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