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The African Mask
by Janet E. Rupert

Fact and Fiction

In the foreword and afterword of this novel, Janet E. Rupert makes sure readers understand that she is telling a fictional story but that characters, events, and settings are based on her historical research. Now that you know what happens and how the story ends, you can take some time to look at details that might very well be based on the author's research into the Yoruba culture.

Each item below is followed by the place in the novel where you can find more information about it. Record the facts about the Yoruba people -- not the fictional story of Layo -- you found in the space provided.

1. how marriages are made (pages 32-33)

2. how the city of Ife was created (pages 40-41)

3. how news was sent over distances (page 44)

4. how crimes in a ward of Ife are investigated (pages 99-102)

5. who holds power in Ife (page 112)
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