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Chapter 8, Lesson 2: The Flowering of Chinese Culture (pp. 202-208)

I. The Civil Service System

II. The Birth of a New Economy
    A. To improve travel, trade, and communication, Tang and Song governments built an extensive system of roads and waterways.

    B. The governments encouraged the use of new crops and farming methods. This caused a boom in agriculture, created surplus food, and led to a population increase in southern China.

    C. With a thriving merchant class, a money economy developed which included the world's first paper currency.

III. A Continuing Heritage
    A. While continuing to value their ancient traditions and Confucian texts, the prosperous Chinese improved life with new inventions.

    B. By the late 700s, the Chinese used woodblock printing to spread knowledge and information throughout China.

    C. Other key inventions of the period included gunpowder, guns, star charts, and compasses.

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