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Chapter 6, Lesson 4: The Kongo Kingdom (pp. 149-153)

I. The Growth of Kongo

II. The Portuguese in Kongo
    A. The Kongo people were friendly to the Portuguese who sent traders and Christian missionaries to Africa.

    B. A strong alliance grew between the Kongo and the Portuguese.

    C. Portuguese settlers began using African slaves to work their plantations.

    D. Slavery was accepted among Africans, but slaves were not mistreated or separated from their families and could earn their freedom.

    E. Although the Mani-Kongo, Affonso, supplied the Portuguese with a limited number of slaves, Portuguese ideas about slavery were very different from those of the Kongo people.

III. Slaves, Guns, and Civil War
    A. Portuguese merchants discovered that the buying and selling of slaves was a profitable business.

    B. They interfered with local African customs in order to obtain more slaves.

    C. King John of Portugal ignored Affonso's requests to ban slave trade in the Kongo.

    D. The Portuguese pressured Kongo chiefs to rebel against their king and civil war erupted, eventually ending the Kongo kingdom.

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