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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 6, Lesson 2: The Rise of Coastal Trading States (pp. 141-144)

I. Sailing with the Winds

II. The Rise of City-States

    A. Inland African groups brought gold and other precious goods to the Swahili in the coastal cities to trade for foreign goods.

    B. Many Swahili trading ports became wealthy city-states.

III. From Riches to Ruin
    A. By the 1400s, East African port cities were wealthy communities with mosques, palaces, and stone houses.

    B. In 1505, the Portuguese fleet conquered many of the city-states and sought to control their trade and plunder their wealth.

    C. By the late 1500s, Swahili groups had regained control of several ports from the Portuguese.

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