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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 5, Lesson 2: The Empire of Ghana (pp. 112-117)

I. A New Trade Center

II. A Divided Capital

    A. In Koumbi, Ghana's capital, the gold and salt trade created the wealthiest marketplace in West Africa.

    B. The city of Koumbi, like many Ghana trading cities, was divided into two sections -- one to house the Muslim traders, the other to house local people.

III. A New Religion
    A. Arab merchants trading in West Africa brought not only valuable goods, but also new ideas about writing, numbers, and religion.

    B. Many West Africans converted to Islam, and some who did still did not give up all of their traditional beliefs and practices.

IV. A Fallen Empire

    A. In the mid-1000s, invaders made war for control of Ghana.

    B. Eventually, the neighboring kingdom of Mali overthrew the Soninke king and became the major power in West Africa.

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