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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 4, Lesson 1: A Century of Expansion (pp. 78-84)

I. Expansion Under Umayyad Rule

II. An Empire of Many Peoples
    A. Umayyads were generally tolerant of Jews and Christians living in the empire. Jews and Christians had to pay a special tax, but did not serve in the military.

    B. Umayyad caliphs set up a bureacracy and appointed emirs, or governors, to rule the provinces.

III. Umayyad Unity
    A. Under the Umayyad dynasty, a new Muslim culture developed in the Islamic Empire.

    B. The Umayyads made Arabic the official language, issued standard coins, and increased the construction of mosques.

IV. The Umayyad Downfall

    A. As the economy declined, the Umayyads were accused of not keeping to Muhammad's ideals.

    B. The Abbasid group rebeled against the Umayyads, and eventually the Islamic Empire split into two parts.

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