Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 2, Lesson 2: Acquainted Cultures (pp. 32-37)

I. Sassanid Persia

II. Gupta India
    A. The Gupta dynasty in India led a well-run government that encouraged trade.

    B. The prospering society supported the arts and sciences.

    C. In A.D. 480, Hun invaders weakened the Gupta dynasty. The Huns conquered all of India in A.D. 525 and ruled for 200 years.

III. China
    A. The Silk Road brought goods from Rome, Persia, and India.

    B. Chinese traders sailed to India for glass and pearls.

    C. New ideas, such as Buddhism, came to China on the Silk Road.

    D. After A.D. 220, Chinese generals, wealthy families, Huns, and other tribes fought for control of the country.

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