Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 14, Lesson 1: Exploring, Trading, and Converting (pp. 364-370)

I. Finding the Way

II. Meeting the Demand for Goods

    A. Luxury goods from the East were in great demand in Europe.

    B. Goods were transported by camel caravan or ship.

    C. Venice maintained a monopoly over trade with the East.

III. Carrying Christianity Across the Sea

    A. European Christians wanted to spread Christianity throughout the world.

    B. The Spanish and Portuguese hoped that new converts would help them in the fight against Islam.

    C. Some missionaries used education to win converts, while others used force.

IV. Searching for New Markets

    A. Europeans traded gold and other items for luxury goods.

    B. To pay their debts, the Portuguese sought direct access to gold producers in Africa.

    C. Hoping to take the trade monopoly away from Venice, Portuguese sailors began to look for a sea route to the East.

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