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Chapter 11, Lesson 3, The Crusades (pp. 295-302)

I. The Crusades Begin

II. Muslims Regain the Holy Land

    A. When Muslims began to overpower the crusader states, Christians launched the Second Crusade, which was defeated.

    B. In the late 1100s, Saladin led the Muslim forces to defeat the Christians of the crusader states and retake Jerusalem.

    C. After Saladin's victory, Christians launched the Third Crusade, led by the kings of Germany, England, and France. They did not capture Jerusalem, but signed a five-year peace treaty with the Muslims.

    D. The Fourth Crusade was a disaster for the Byzantine Empire, as the crusaders ransacked Constantinople.

III. The Crusades Affect the West

    A. The Crusades had several negative effects on Europe, as some crusaders were only interested in killing Muslims and Jews and thieving.

    B. Western Europe benefited from the Crusades through increased contact with the more advanced Byzantine and Muslim cultures, increased trade, and improved technology.

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