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Chapter 11, Lesson 2, The Byzantine Empire (pp. 289-294)

I. The Roman Empire in the East

II. The Eastern Church

    A. Christianity was the offical state religion of the Byzantine Empire.

    B. Although both were Christian, the eastern and western Christian churches differed in many ways, including the language used in services.

    C. Arguments over church authority broke out between the pope and the Byzantine emperor.

    D. In 1054, the Christian church split into two separate churches, the Roman Catholic church in the West and the Eastern Orthodox church in the East.

III. The Empire Under Attack

    A. The Byzantine Empire was frequently attacked.

    B. The Byzantine Empire reached its greatest size in the 500s, and then began to decline, losing lands in Egypt, the Middle East, and eventually Turkey.

    C. In the late 1000s, the invasion of the Seljuk Turks forced the Byzantine Emperor to ask for military assistance from the West.

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