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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 11, Lesson 1: The Power of the Church (pp. 282-288)

I. A Powerful Church in Europe

II. A Power Struggle Between Kings and Popes

    A. Kings and nobles gained the power to appoint some church officials.

    B. A reform movement sprang up to free the church from the control of kings and nobles.

    C. After a struggle with Henry IV of Germany, Pope Gregory VII won the authority to select church leaders.

III. The Age of Faith

    A. The church was the center of community activities such as meetings and markets, as well as worship.

    B. New religious orders, like the Franciscans, sprang up in towns.

    C. Universities developed by the 1200s, replacing monasteries and cathedrals as centers of learning.

    D. Christianity deeply influenced the art and architecture of medieval Europe.

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