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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 14, Lesson 2, Adventure and Profit (pp. 371-376)

I. Prince Henry, Navigator

II. Preparations for Sailing

    A. European navigational instruments were greatly improved during Prince Henry's time.

    B. The caravel became the standard ship of European explorers because of its speed and maneuverability.

III. The Portuguese Explorations

    A. About 1419 Prince Henry began sending expeditions to coastal West Africa.

    B. In 1448 an expedition established the first Portuguese trading post on the West African coast.

    C. Later Portuguese rulers continued to support trading and scientific expeditions down the African coast and beyond.

    D. Vasco da Gama became the first European to sail around Africa and reach India.

IV. Commerce and Colonies

    A. Foreign investors helped Portugal finance risky and expensive sea voyages.

    B. Portugal profited by establishing colonies in West Africa and using enslaved Africans to create and work their sugar plantations.

    C. Hoping to take the spice trade away from Venice, Portuguese traders were also active in the East.

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