Grade 7
A Closer Look
  The Spice Trade
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You can learn more about the Spice Trade and early European exploration by visiting these Internet sites.

The History of Spice
Travel back in time to learn how spices have been traded since 3000 B.C. This site, part of the SpiceGuide site, offers an interactive timeline on the spice trade.

The History of the Spice Trade
The American Spice Trade Association provides a detailed account of the fascinating history of the search for spices.

Discoverers' Web Homepage
The Discoverers' Web Home Page is an extensive and highly useful resource about discovery and exploration, arranged by time period. It includes a vast array of Internet resources, including articles, biographies, map archives, and online exhibits dealing with journeys of discovery from pre-history to the twentieth century, and features explorers from around the world. This is a valuable site for those on the lookout for information about explorers and world exploration.


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