Internet Resources
  Unit 5: The Foundation of Western Ideas

The Ancient World Web
The Ancient World Web, created by Julia Hayden, is a master index to Internet sites "discussing, spotlighting, or otherwise considering the Ancient World." Each link is organized by both subject and geographic area and is accompanied by a short description. This excellent resource is updated weekly and includes breaking news items of historical interest.

Alexander the Great
This fun site on Alexander the Great covers Alexander's boyhood, his rise to power, his conquests, and his early death. You can read brief biographies of his parents, view images, and follow his travels. This site also contains some interesting information on how the history of Alexander the Great has fascinated people throughout the centuries.

Passover on the Net
This site offers fun and interesting resources for learning about Pesach (Passover) and Seders. You can read the Story of Passover, find out how a Seder meal is prepared and celebrated with family and friends, discover the meanings behind different Seder foods, listen to Passover songs and readings, and look at special Passover recipies.

Perseus Project
Interested in Greek and Roman mythology and history? Check out this extensive collection of texts, art, essays, maps, illustrations, and more. Tufts University's Classics Department continually updates this great resource for both scholars and students.

Greek Civilization Home Page
This resource from Portland State University offers information on the daily life, warfare, environment, politics, sports, philosophy, religion, and the arts of ancient Greece.


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