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  Unit 1: The World: Past and Present

What Do Maps Show?
The U.S. Geological Survey has provided this online teaching package (appropriate for upper elementary and junior high school classes) on understanding and using maps. The site contains four 30-minute lesson plans, including maps and reproducible activity sheets, and other USGS materials for classroom use.

Medieval Technology Pages—Timeline
Many technologies that we take for granted were major innovations in the Middle Ages. This Web site puts the milestones of medieval technology in context.

Flints and Stones: Real Life in Prehistory
Step back in time to the world of Stone Age hunter-gatherers. Travel with the Shaman, the Stone Age people's leader, or with a present-day archaeologist to learn about the daily lives of these people. Wonderful illustrations, photographs, and explanations will help you learn a great deal not just about hunter gatherers in Stone Age Europe, but also about the types of questions archaeologists ask and the knowledge they gain.

The Ancient World Web
The Ancient World Web, created by Julia Hayden, is a master index to Internet sites "discussing, spotlighting, or otherwise considering the Ancient World." Each link is organized by both subject and geographic area and is accompanied by a short description. This excellent resource is updated weekly and includes breaking news items of historical interest. Highly recommended.


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