Grade 6
A Moment in Time
  A Greek Actor
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Explore the history of Greek theater and daily life in ancient Greece by visiting these Internet sites.

Perseus Project
Interested in Greek and Roman mythology and history? Check out this extensive collection of texts, art, essays, maps, illustrations, and more. Tufts University's Classics Department continually updates this great resource for both scholars and students.

The Internet Classics Archive
The Tech newspaper at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers this excellent archive of over 400 classical texts, including many Greek and Roman texts as well as Chinese and Persian texts. All texts are available in English. Works include Homer's Iliad, Herodotus' History, Aristophanes' The Frogs, and more than 180 other poems, plays, and books. The texts are provided in HTML format, but raw text files are also available. You may browse or search the titles offered.


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