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there is a drawing of a book Sacred River
written and illustrated by Ted Lewin

Time and Again

A ritual is a ceremony that is done the same way, following the same series of steps, each time it is performed. Almost everyone takes part in rituals of one kind or another. Many rituals may be connected with religion. Baptism, marriage, and funerals are all rituals because the same series of steps is followed each time one of these takes place. These steps differ from one religion to another. And a ritual does not have to be religious. May Day celebrations, the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in England, and other activities that involve repeating the same series of steps are also rituals.

A. In the space below, write a brief discription of a ritual you know about. write on line write on line write on line write on line write on line

B. Now try to imagine how the ritual you described might appear to an outsider who didn't know anything about it. How might this observer respond? What questions might come up? Write your ideas below. write on line write on line write on line write on line write on line Return to Previous Page

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