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Chapter 9, Lesson 1, China's Early History (pp. 262-269)

I. China's Geography

II. Prehistoric Cultures

    A. The Yangshao settled in farming villages and built houses with plaster floors and roofs supported by wooden posts.

    B. The Lungshan farmers harvested silk, wove fabric, made pottery, and used simple written symbols and numbers.

    C. According to legend, a Lungshan engineer named Yu founded the first great Chinese dynasty called the Xia, around 2000 B.C.

III. The Shang Dynasty

    A. The Shang Dynasty followed the Xia and ruled for more than 700 years.

    B. The Shang built some great walled cities, developed bronze, devised a money system, and developed a class of skilled artisans.

    C. The Shang people believed in an afterlife, many gods, ancestor worship, and the use of oracle bones to predict the future.

IV. The Zhou Dynasty

    A. Wu the Martial attacked the Shang king and established the Zhou Dynasty, the longest in China's history.

    B. The Zhou worshipped tian, and established the mandate of heaven as the right to rule.

    C. The Zhou spread their rule through feudalism, and used a character-based written language to unify communication.

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