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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 8, Lesson 4, The Golden Age (pp. 244-250)

I. Beliefs of Hinduism

II. The Gupta Empire

    A. Both India and Hinduism grew and flourished under the Gupta Empire.

    B. Under the Guptas, India traded with Rome and the rest of Mediterranean, Saudi Arabia and Central Asia, and China and Southeast Asia.

    C. Guilds grew as trade increased under the Guptas.

III. Achievements of Ancient India

    A. Under the Guptas, two important epics of Hinduism were written down for the first time.

    B. An Indian astronomer determined the world was a sphere that rotated around the sun and accurately calculated the length of a solar year.

    C. Indian mathematicians devised the number system we use today, featuring nine numerals, the zero, and the decimal.

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