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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 8, Lesson 3, Beginning of Buddhism (pp. 235-240)

I. Life of the Buddha

II. Teachings of Buddhism

    A. The Buddha preached that everyone could find peace, without the Vedic priests or animal sacrifices.

    B. The Buddha's teaching centered on how people should think and act.

    C. The Buddha taught that the Eightfold Path leads to enlightenment.

    D. Buddhism gradually traveled to China, Korea, Japan, Tibet, Burma and other areas of Southeast Asia.

III. A Great Buddhist Ruler

    A. Asoka, a powerful emperor, converted to Buddhism and sent missionaries around and beyond the subcontinent.

    B. Asoka announced his Buddhist beliefs to his people in edicts, and ordered his empire to follow them.

    C. After Asoka's death the Mauryan Empire broke down into many little warring kingdoms.

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