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Chapter 7, Lesson 4, Egypt and the Nubian Kingdom of Kush (pp. 210-214)

I. Egypt Dominates Kush

II. Kush Conquers Egypt

    A. When Egypt fell into decline at the end of the New Kingdom period, the Kushite ruler Kashta rebelled and conquered Upper Egypt.

    B. His son, Piankhy, conquered the Nile delta and the city of Memphis, and his successor became the first Kushite pharaoh.

III. Kush's Last Thousand Years

    A. The Kushites soon lost control of Egypt, but held on to their old kingdom.

    B. The Kushite capital was moved south to Meroë, where it became an important center for iron, wood, and trade with the Middle East, the Far East and many parts of Africa.

    C. Over time, Egyptian influence lessened. The Kushites developed their own hieroglyphics and religion.

    D. Meroë was conquered and destroyed by a neighboring kingdom in A.D. 350 after being an important cultural and trade center for more than 600 years.

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