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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 14, Lesson 1: The Early Empire (pp. 430-435)

I. Establishing Peace and Order

II. Ruling the Empire

    A. During the 200 years after Augustus's death, four dynasties ruled the Roman Empire.

    B. Each of the four dynasties ended with the violent overthrow of an unpopular or unfit emperor.

    C. While most Roman provinces lived in peace during the Pax Romana, the Roman army had to put down rebellions in Gaul, Britain, and Judea.

III. Unifying the Empire
    A. The Roman emperors encouraged the building of cities modeled on Rome, which spread Roman ideas and customs throughout the empire.

    B. The emperors granted citizenship to people in the provinces, giving them certain rights.

    C. The emperors allowed officials in provinces to govern their own cities, and to participate in the central government of Rome.

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