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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 12, Lesson 1: The Golden Age of Athens (pp. 362-368)

I. The Age of Pericles

II. Life in a Citizen Family
    A. Men spent time debating issues, selling wares, serving as jurors in the Assembly, and exercising in outdoor gymnasiums.

    B. Women spent time weaving clothes, preparing food, and caring for children.

    C. In the evenings, men either socialized with each other, or attended plays or religious festivals with their wives.

III. Life for Noncitizens
    A. Metics were foreigners who were allowed to attend theater and religious festivals, and use the law courts.

    B. Slaves had no legal rights in Athens, but some were paid for their work and a few bought their freedom.

    C. In contrast to other slaves in Athens, those who worked in the silver mines labored under terrible conditions.

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