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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 10, Lesson 3, Religious Developments (pp. 315-321)

I. The Teachings of Jesus

II. Judaism in the First Century

    A. In A.D. 66 the Zealots rebelled against Roman rule, and during that war, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and burned down the temple.

    B. The Jews revolted once again in A.D. 132, but were crushed after three years.

III. The Jewish Legacy

    A. After battles with the Romans left the Jews without a homeland or temple, the Torah was their reassurance that God was wherever they were.

    B. As Jews settled in other lands, rabbis, or teachers, helped them to continue to practice Jewish traditions.

    C. Jews also built synagogues, houses of worship, that became the center of Jewish religious and community life.

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