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Chapter 10, Lesson 1, Early Biblical History (pp. 298-303)

I. The Belief of the Israelites

II. The Origin of the Israelites

    A. According to Genesis, God told a shepherd named Abraham to move from Mesopotamia to Canaan to establish a new nation.

    B. The descendants of Abraham were called Hebrews.

    C. Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, is renamed Israel, and his descendants are known as the Israelites.

    D. Some Israelites became slaves to the Egyptians, and were led out of captivity by Moses.

    E. After the Egyptian ruler set the Israelites free, they took a long and difficult journey-called the Exodus-back to their homeland.

III. An Agreement with God

    A. According to the Torah, Moses received a message from God establishing a covenant, or special agreement, that bound the Israelites to God.

    B. The Torah explains that first of God's laws for the Israelites were written on stone tablets that are also known as the Ten Commandments.

    C. The idea of a covenant became the basis for both Judaism and Christianity, and the Ten Commandments form much of the Western world's ideas about law and justice.

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