Grade 6
A Closer Look
  A Modern Excavation
(Use with pp. 74-75.)

Archaeology today links our lives with the lives of people from long ago. Use these Internet sites to explore modern excavations that uncover important clues to the past.

Archaeological Analysis: Pieces of the Past
Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig. This site from Canada's Royal Ontario Museum offers a tutorial on excavating historic sites, as well as an online simulation of a fictional excavation. Use what you know about archaeology as well as the soil at the site, existing structures, and the clues from the artifacts found there to learn about the past.

The Central Artery/Tunnel Project
Some excavations give us a glimpse into the past as well as the future. The Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Boston, Massachusetts, is part of a plan to change existing and build new transportation routes in the busy city. Click Past to learn about the archaeological excavation. Click Future to see how the city might look after the construction is complete.


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