Grade 6
A Closer Look
  Bicycle Technology
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Continue your exploration of cycling technology and ancient inventions on the Internet.

Welcome to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Here you'll find information on choosing a helmet, starting a helmet awareness program, and reasons for wearing a helmet.

Vinci: Leonardo's Home Town
Come to Vinci, Italy to inspect Leonardo da Vinci's drawings, learn about his life, and see his home town. The Leonardo Museum in Vinci displays his sketches of a bicycle, parachute, floats for walking on water (they look like skis!), and other inventions that influence our lives today.

In addition to bicycles, Leonardo da Vinci had great ideas for other forms of transportation. Can you find any drawings in the museum that impact transportation we use today?

There's More to Bicycles Than You Think!
Visit this museum to see an extensive collection of antique cycles, learn about restoring antique cycles, and examine the changing styles and safety features in cycles over time.

Were bicycles safer in the past than they are today? Decide for yourself by scrolling down and clicking the links from "The Walking Machine" to "The Current Scene." You can use the photographs to create a visual timeline that shows how bicycle technology developed over time.


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