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  Unit 2: Exploring and Settling America

California Mission Studies Association
This site includes a mission directory with information about California missions in alphabetical order, archaeological and preservation projects, an illustrated glossary of mission-related terms, and links to images.

The Age of Exploration
The Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia, provides an online exhibition of explorations from ancient times to Captain Cook's 1768 voyage to the South Pacific. You can find descriptions, images, maps, video clips, and a timeline that trace the paths and impacts of different explorations.

Captain Cook: Voyages of Discovery
From the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow comes this wonderful site on the voyages and explorations of Captain James Cook. The site includes interactive maps of Cook's voyages, brief descriptions of each place he visited, and images of artifacts collected by his expedition.

NativeWeb is an extensive collection of links to important resources related to Native Americans and indigenous groups worldwide. Subject categories at this site include geographic regions, nations/peoples, organizations, historical material, and law and legal issues.

First Nations Histories
This site is a great resource for Native American history. A short description is provided for over 30 Native American nations, with links to much more detailed information and essays. A great site for student research.


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