Grade 5
A Moment in Time
  A Frontiersman
(Use with p. 343.)

Visit these Internet sites to read the Northwest Ordinance and learn more about pioneers who braved the Appalachian frontier.

The Northwest Ordinance
Part of the "Archiving Early America" project, this site features The Northwest Ordinance of 1787, the document that opened up lands north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River for settlement. The site includes an explanatory passage, a hypertext version of the document, and scanned images of the original document.

The Adventures of Daniel Boone
Read Daniel Boone's own words about his adventures as he travels west. This site contains primary source documents and a portrait of Daniel Boone.

Use Boone's descriptions to help you write a short play about life on the Appalachian frontier. Then act out your play with friends.

Daniel Boone: Myth and Reality in American Consciousness
This site offers extensive information on how Daniel Boone has been portrayed in American culture. You can find different views on Boone's life, excerpts from his writings, and paintings depicting events in his life.


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