Grade 5
A Moment in Time

An Iroquois Clan Leader
(Use with p. 96.)

Discover the lifestyle, legends, and beliefs of the "People of the Long House" with these Internet sites.

Iroquois History
Visit this site to explore the daily life of the Iroquois. This hyperlinked database contains geographical information, too.

You can use the information from this site and a current map of the United States to show where the Iroquois lived.

The University of Oklahoma Law Center: The Iroquois Constitution
See how the Iroquois defined their laws, organized their ceremonies, and protected the rights of their people in their Constitution.

How is the Constitution of the United States similar to and different from the Iroquois Constitution? To find out, compare the Iroquois Constitution at this site with a copy of the U.S. Constitution.


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