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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 19, Lesson 1: Outbreak of the War (pp. 476-482)

I. North and South

II. Early Battles

    A. The Confederate victory at the Battle of Bull Run showed the North the war would not be over quickly.

    B. The Union's "anaconda plan" was to squeeze the strength from the South by blockading ports, taking control of the Mississippi, and capturing Richmond, Virginia, the Confederate capital.

    C. One of the South's plans was to destroy Union ships with the ironsided Merrimack.

    D. The Union army invaded Virginia, but the Confederate troops under Robert E. Lee prevented them from taking Richmond.

III. A Soldier's Life

    A. Soldiers suffered from hunger, homesickness, weariness, boredom, and disease.

    B. Many African American soldiers fought for the North. They fought in separate units and were not treated as well as white soldiers.

    C. Women nursed soldiers on the field and in hospitals. Some served as spies.

    D. Many American Indians and Hispanic Americans fought in both armies.

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