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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 14, Lesson 4: The American Indians in Retreat (pp. 360-365)

I. Unfair Treaties

II. Indian Resistance
    A. U. S. soldiers won the fight with resisting Indian warriors in the Battle of Tippecanoe.

    B. Indians fought alongside the British in the War of 1812.

III. Peace for a Time
    A. Some Indians tribes moved away from settlers to begin a new life.

    B. Some Indians tried to live like the settlers.

    C. The government started the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which had the power to make or break treaties with the Indians and force them from their lands.

IV. Loss and Defeat
    A. The route followed by the Cherokee when forced to move from the Southeast to Oklahoma became known as "The Trail of Tears."

    B. Soldiers attacked Indians who wanted to farm in Illinois in the Black Hawk War.

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