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Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 4, Lesson 2: Four American Indian Cultures (pp. 86-92)

I. Anasazi: People of the Desert

II. Makah: People of the Coast

    A. The Makah lived near the ocean and other bodies of water in the state of Washington.

    B. In spring, fall, and summer, they hunted and fished along streams and in the ocean.

    C. In winter, the Makah moved inland and lived off the food they gathered in the year.

    D. The Makah celebrated their plentiful food supply in potlatch ceremonies.

III. Mississippians: People of the River
    A. Mississippians traded along the Mississippi River with people that lived great distances away.

    B. Towns like Cahokia were built around huge mounds.

    C. Artifacts found in mounds tell us a lot about the religion and culture of the Mississippians.

IV. Creek: People of the Forest
    A. The Creek hunted, fished, and gathered fruits and nuts in the forests of what are now Alabama and Georgia.

    B. The Creek built houses in villages and planted crops in nearby fields.

    C. A town council and town chief ruled the village together.

    D. Religious ceremonies and festivals took place in the central plaza.

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