Grade 5
A Closer Look

Life at the Convention
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Explore these Internet sites to learn more about how the Constitution was created and how it has evolved.

Liberty and Limits: “The Federalist” Idea 200 Years Later
How has federalism impacted American life and politics? What forces affected the issue of federalism? Visit this fantastic site to trace federalism from its beginnings in our Constitution to today. This online resource offers background information, stories of federalism in action, primary source texts, commentary from leading politicians and experts, and a forum where you can debate issues.

James Madison: His Legacy
Check out this extensive resource on the accomplishments of James Madison from his participation in the Continental Congress and his years as President of the United States and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court until his death. You can view the text of some of his Federalist Papers, read background information on his efforts to ratify the Constitution, and explore his views on issues such as slavery and judicial review. The site also has information on Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.

The National Constitution Center
How does the Constitution affect your life? Come find out at this interactive site from the National Constitution Center. This site provides information on the creation of the Constitution and the U.S. government, as well as news updates on constitutional issues, discussion forums, and activities to test your understanding of the Constitution.

Explaining the Constitution: The Federalist Papers
This hypertext outline of American government puts the writings of Hamilton, Jay, and Madison in the context of the political and social issues facing the new nation.

The Constitution of the United States
This page is part of the "Archiving Early America" project, a collection of primary source documents from 18th century America. The site features the Constitution and includes an explanatory passage, full text of the document, and high-resolution images of the original document

The Constitution of the United States
From the National Archives and Records Administration comes this online exhibit on the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The site features a Founding Fathers page, which contains the biographies and portraits of each of the 39 delegates who signed the Convention. You can also look at the actual pages of the Constitution online, read A More Perfect Union, an article that takes an in-depth look at the Convention and the ratification process, and access questions and answers related to the Constitution.


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