Grade 5
A Closer Look
  A Walking City
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Find out what life was like in Cincinnati and other northern cities during the early 19th century by visiting these Internet sites.

A Background to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Step back in time to visit Philadelphia from the mid-seventeenth century to the late nineteenth century. This Internet site from the Independence Hall Association features an interactive timeline, an essay on the city's history with accompanying maps and images, and a list of "Philadelphia Firsts."

How the Other Half Lives
This hypertext edition of Jacob Riis' moving portrait of New York City's nineteenth century tenements provides a rare glimpse into the struggles of the urban poor. You can read the detailed descriptions of life in the tenements and view illustrations of different facets of life there.

Cincinnati Museum Center
Check out the Cincinnati Museum Center to learn more about the rich history of this city. The Cincinnati Historical Society Library provides a brief overview of Cincinnati's history. The Cincinnati History Museum features photographs of historical objects from Cincinnati's past.


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