Grade 5
A Closer Look
  The Lewis and Clark Expedition
(Use with pp. 354-355.)

Use these Internet sites to follow the journey of Lewis and Clark as they explore the Louisiana Territory.

Exploring the West from Monticello
Check out the primary source maps and journals at this site that chronicle the explorations of North America from Columbus to Lewis and Clark.

Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark
Team up with Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery for the expedition of a lifetime. You'll face wild rivers, rugged mountains, and more as you explore and map the vast continent in this interactive adventure from National Geographic.

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery
Check out this fantastic site on Lewis & Clark's famous journey. Created as a companion to Ken Burns' film on Lewis and Clark, this site provides interactive maps, timelines, primary source journals, descriptions, audio, and photographs that make the journey come alive. You step back in time with the help of biographical sketches, accounts of life, society, and politics in the early 1800s, facts about the expedition, and information on Native Americans. You can also hear opinions from leading scholars on different questions about the journey. Best of all, you can experience the journey yourself with Into the Unknown, an interactive, fictional story that puts you in charge of the expedition.


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