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a moment in time
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Relive the days of the Gold Rush through the histories on these Internet sites.

Women in the Gold Rush
Discover the gold rush era through the eyes of the women who experienced it. This site contains excerpts from women's diaries telling of their adventures and struggles in California.

Museum of the City of San Francisco: Gold Rush Exhibits
Check out this museum's fascinating primary source documents and photographs chronicling the gold rush era in the United States. You can read eyewitness acounts and learn about the difficult journey to California and the struggle to find gold, as well as discover the effects of the gold rush on California and the nation. This site contains a hyperlinked timeline that puts the events of the gold rush into a larger context, too.

The Gold Rush
Learn about the trials and triumphs of the gold rush era and the impact of the westward movement on America. This site contains photographs, descriptions, fun facts, and resources such as quizzes, activities, and links that complement the PBS documentary "The Gold Rush."


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