Before Reading
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there is a picture of a book How Music Came to the World
retold by Hal Ober, illustrated by Carol Ober

Looking Forward to the Book

The items below will help you ask yourself some questions about this book before you actually read it. Jot down your ideas after each one. When you have read the book, come back to this sheet and see if you now have the answers.

1. Look at the title of the book. What questions come to your mind about the book based on the title? (For example, where was music before? What would it be like not to have music?) write on line write on line

2. Look at page 5 and read the sentence under the picture. Who are the two figures in it? How do the words "wild and windy" make you feel? write on line write on line

3. Look at the last three pages of the book. Based on the pictures, do you think the book has a sad or a happy ending? Explain why you think this. write on line write on line Return to Previous Page

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