Before Reading
Name:write on line Date:write on line

there is a picture of a book A Day's Work
by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Ronald Himmler

What Is to Come?

Look at the picture on pages 4 and 5, but don't start reading. Answer the questions below about the picture. By doing this, you will be making some predictions about the story coming up. As you read the book, you will see how close you came to what takes place in the story. Remember that anything you write down at at this point is not right or wrong. It's just a prediction based on one picture out of many pictures and even more words. After you have read the book, review what you wrote here and compare it with what you have learned.

Describe the place where the people are standing. Why might they be there? write on line write on line

What do you think the people are doing near the truck? write on line write on line

Who seems to be the oldest person there? Who seems youngest? How can you tell? write on line write on line Return to Previous Page

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