Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 8, Lesson 3, Problems Facing Agriculture (pp. 195-199)

I. Water Problems

II. Land Problems

    A. The Southern Pacific, which owned one of every ten acres in the state, decided to sell the land at Mussel Slough to farmers.

    B. After the Mussel Slough farmers built irrigation systems and planted crops, the railroads sold the improved land to other buyers.

III. Patterns for the Future

    A. Crews of workers called migrant laborers do most of the work on the large farms.

      1. Migrant laborers have come to California from around the world.
      2. Migrant workers today still work long hours under poor conditions for low pay.

    B. Tenant farmers pay rent to use land that belongs to someone else.

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