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  The L.A. Aqueduct
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Check out these Internet sites to learn more about the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct and William Mulholland, who led the construction team.

William Mulholland & the Collapse of St. Francis Dam
Visit this site to learn about the tragic collapse of St. Francis Dam in 1928 and the investigation of its engineer, William Mulholland, who also built the L.A. Aqueduct.

William Mulholland
This site provides a brief biography of the life of William Mulholland, the self-educated engineer who built the L.A. Aqueduct to bring water to Los Angeles.

Water Resources -- Los Angeles Aqueduct, Owens Valley, and Mono Lake
Check out these photographs and descriptions of the L.A. Aqueduct and the Owens Valley region to learn how the aqueduct has impacted the environment. This page is part of a site on water and environmental issues affecting California and the West.

Los Angeles Owens River Aqueduct System
This site features an interactive map that links to descriptions of places along the aqueduct system. Click on the map to learn the history of specific places.


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