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  The Journey of a California Orange
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Discover more information about oranges, their history, and their popularity today by visiting these Internet sites.

Dole 5 A Day Homepage
Check out these fun and educational resources from Dole. You can find cool facts and nutritional information on fruits, nuts, and vegetables, as well as games, puzzles, a kids' cookbook, coloring sheets, and activities. Be sure to look for information on oranges and other fruits grown in California.

California Department of Food and Agriculture
Learn more about California's famous oranges and other agricultural products at this site. Check out the fact sheets on different products, or look at the statistics charts showing just how much produce California grows.

Use the nutritional information at this site to create a week-long healthy meal plan for someone your age.

Can you tell the difference between a California orange and a Florida orange? This site tells you how. You will also find nutritional information on oranges and facts about the history of growing oranges in the United States.


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