Grade 3
A Moment in Time
  The Saguaro Cactus
(Use with p. 53.)

Learn more about cacti and the deserts of the United States on the Internet.

Arizona Sonoran Desert Images
Have you ever seen a tarantula? How about a javelina, roadrunner, or sphinx? Check out the photographs of these and other desert wildlife from Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

Use the photographs from this site or draw your own desert scenes to show what the desert is like.

Desert USA Magazine
Explore the deserts of the United States for yourself at this amazing desert site. Visit state and national parks in the southwest, view a video of a desert panorama, play desert puzzles, and download a desert screen saver. This site also contains articles, maps, and photographs to help you learn about the desert ecosystem.

You can use the desert facts and photographs at this site to create desert trading cards.


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